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Snakes/Irregular scales on Texas Rat Snake


My 21 year old Texas Rat Snake, Marius, has had beautiful perfectly shaped scales his whole life.  Recently I have noticed that several of the scales are incomplete.  The tip of the diamond pointing towards the tail end aren't so pointy and some are even brownish.  He's leucistic so it's very noticeable.  Do you know what could be causing this?  Is it age?  Is it okay?  He's great and normal in every other way!

Sometimes damaged scales will have a "ugly" look to them. They can have many looks, but bend, translucent or discolored are the main things. Without knowing what he did, it is hard to say for sure. But if they begin to turn translucent, then those are dead scales and should turn normal after several sheds.

If the odd area begins to spread, gets swollen or red or the scales lift badly, I would get him checked out.But other than that he should be fine, just as long as mites or infection is not a part of it.

Check him after his next shed and let me know if anything changes or gets worse.


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