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Snakes/king snake constipated?


This is a female king snake approx 4 years old. I think i may have given her mice too big. I usually feed her three small mice every 2-3 weeks. Ive had her about 2 years and have never had a problem till now. I think she only pooped 1 mouse..and i think the other 2 might be stuck. Its been about 3 weeks. At first i thought i just made her fat, but she won't eat. She's not showing any signs of lethargy or distress. I tried a warm bath, but i'm a bit afraid of making the bath too warm as i don't have a thermometer to tell how warm it is. She pooped a tiny little bit..but mostly urate. Tried the mouse laxative, but she refused to eat it. I'm not too experienced with reptiles even though ive owned her a long time. Thanks for any advice you can give

You should never medicate a snake unless you confidently know what you are doing. Does she have a mass lump in her? If the rodent was stuck, she would act weird ( heavy breathing, moving very oddly to try and move the food item down). But if it was passed to her stomach, I can assure you it was digested. Snakes go off food, I am sure with all the added stress of messing with her lately is a good cause for it.

But some of my snakes will be off food for months before I even begin to worry or try and make them eat. If she pooped once already, then she should be fine. Give her another week or 2 and try feeding again.

But a snake should really only be fed one food item a feeding. So if a regular mouse is to small, then get a jumbo mouse for her. But don't feed 2-3 rodents at a time. Snakes can handle big means, you would be surprised. Although not advised. Unless she still has a giant lump, I would not worry to much about it.

Let me know if there is any other issues


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