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Hi, this isn't exactly concerning a new pet, but I hope you can help me. I have had my corn snake for about 2/3 years now. To be honest, I got her on somewhat of an impulse. She has been great for the whole time I've had her; feeding/shedding regularly, active, etc. The only problem is, I have been afraid of handling her ever since I got her, since I knew next to nothing about snakes at that point. In the past couple years, I have only taken her out of her cage and handled her maybe 5-10 times but have recently started trying to interact with her more. I'm starting to overcome my fear, though it does make me nervous whenever she stops and stares at my hand, because I am paranoid that she will strike at me. So I have two questions; the first one is, how can I start interacting with her more, and about how should I start? Second, I recently took my snake out of her cage and now she has developed this habit of climbing up to the top of her cage and bumping against the screen, seemingly trying to get out. She also does with the glass. Thanks for answering!

She is trying to get out.  Snakes, like most animals, tend to explore their surroundings so her behavior is normal.  As to interacting with her, it seems that the only one in the relationship that has a problem is you.  LOL  You just need to swallow that fear and hold that snake!  The only advice I might offer is never reach for her like a hawk.  Keep your fingers together and go in with a "flat hand," pick her up from the middle of her body, not by the neck, and be prepared that they sometimes need a minute or two to calm down and stop squirming.


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