I have a 2 year old female ball Python and latley her attitude is changing. She seems to constantly stare at me or who ever else is in the room and she always seems to try and come closer to my face, when I feed her usually she will kill her rat right away but now she will look at me or my father first before killing her food. Is that bad or good? Is she trying to strike?

I would not really say she is trying to do anything. Snakes use heat as their visuals, so it is unlikely she is truly staring at you unless she is right in front of you. Some snakes can get curious, so if you stare at her while in her tank she might raise up and try and investigate you.

If it was anything due to her being aggravated she would have a much different position. You can very easily tell when a snake is ticked off, long before it strikes at you. A feeding response is also different than a aggravated response. A aggravated snake will usually tuck their head and neck into a real tight "S" shape and do a lot of slower tongue flicking. There might even be some puffing, hissing, or mouth opening, they also get quite stiff.

Feeding responses are different, as they will lock onto something and their tongue will flick quite quickly. But they are extremely smart creatures and unless you smell like rat, you are not food to them. I have never has a feeding response bite unless I smell like a rat.

I would say she is acting pretty normal and is likely getting more active now that winter is over.  


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