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QUESTION: I live in Southeast Arizona in the basin and range land. I plan on spending quite a bit of time in the country this fall. We have the Western Diamondback and the Mohave rattlesnakes here. There are others but those species are very rare. I will be walking through a lot of knee high grass. I am concerned about getting bitten. There have already been some snakebites this year. How high do these snakes strike? The biggest I have seen was around five feet long. Would I be better off wearing knee high boots or should I invest in a pair of snake chaps?

ANSWER: It is said that a snake can strike a little over half its body length, and usually they strike from the knee down ( but that is not a guarantee by any means). I would suggest getting some knee high snake boots and some chaps if you can.

But again these are not a guarantee that you wont get bit, as i have seen snakes go through the chaps and tag people.

There really is no safe way to be in a venomous snake area, but these 2 items should give you a better chance of staying safe(er).

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QUESTION: Any brand of chaps that are better than others?

Sorry for the delay, this went into my spam email for some reason and I just came across it. And just as long as they are a thick leather, good chaps won't be cheap. I would have to look up what brand we use but honestly I just wear boots most of the time. I have knee high snake boots and those do well for me


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