How have snakes been able to come to the Everglades, live there, and breed there?

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Snakes actually are not as abundant in the everglades as it is depicted, you could go out and look for hours for a Burmese and not find a single one. They can survive but they are far from thriving there. They were originally pets that people released when they got to big. And a few have bred but the conditions in Florida are not ideal for them.year round.

It actually gets cool enough there to cause respiratory infections in many of the snakes. Which will kill them. And most of the time the eggs they do lay die off due to improper temps.

Many people watch the shows of people in the everglades and 10 minutes into the show they apparently find this massive Burmese just cruising through the grass. I have my own opinions on that situation, but the odds of them being lucky enough to come across a "wild" Burmese is very very rare...

All in all, the snakes are not thriving quite like shows make it out to be.  


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