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My adult corn snake is sneezing, but there is no mucas, no bubbling, nothing in his mouth or any discoloration: nothing that would indicate a RI (except the sneezing). He eats well and is not lethargic in the slightest. I adopted him from a local pet store about a month ago, Im not sure on age or history. He has not shed for me since I've had him. He is about 3 feet long. I keep him on aspen softwood bedding and his humidity is about 60%. I am not entirely sure why he is sneezing except for the dust from the bedding in his tank. What advice can you give me on how to proceed?

Snakes actually cant sneeze, but the noise is more of a spit-wheeze. But usually this is due to a oncoming RI. But keep in mind this isnt always the case. Try keeping the snake on paper towels for a month, keep it humid and raise your temps slightly. But provide a hide for him, since they like to burrow and he will need it to feel secure.

If it is the bedding then this will clear that up, but if he makes the noise more frequently over the next couple days or shows any other issues, then he needs to be seen. As RI's can come quick and hit hard and are usually deadly.

If possible, I would have him checked asap, as no one can diagnose him without looking at him. But for now I would switch him to paper towels, as the dust can get in their air way but usually this isnt a huge problem.  


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