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I have a friend that has a male and female sand boa's put them together to mate, he checked on them female had male about 1/4 of the way down her throat, he got them apart, this has been two months ago, male will kill a mouse but won't eat it, could she have hurt his jaws and he can't eat even though he wants to???

You would be able to tell if the snake was injured. They will have a droopy jaw, in a sense. It is likely very stressed out still, I mean he was almost eaten.

Snakes can go a very long time without food,Provide a smaller fresh killed meal once a week. If he does not seem interested in another month I would take him to get checked then have someone with experience try and force feed him.

Do not attempt it if yall only think yall know what yall are doing, many people injure or kill their snake by trying this and doing it wrong  


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