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Snakes/baby boa force feed


What should I try to use when force feed my baby boa I got him for free and guy said he not eating and I can clearly tell I have a vet appointment in a few days but I want him to eat he won't eat the little frozen mine pinking I think they are called I am afraid to name him he is still kinda of life like he moves sometimes stick his tongue out but he will move all over the tank too but not eating I have a injector and I want to blend mice and feed to him what do you think

Honestly, snakes just go off food sometimes. I can have snakes go off food for 2 months before I even try anything other than weekly food offerings as normal.

Make sure the temps are correct, and leave it alone for 2 weeks.. don't hover over it, try to feed it, nothing..

Then offer a pre killed rodent of approver size ( pre killed is killed just before feeding the snake)

I would not force feed in any way, as a lot of people kill their snakes or cause them to regurgitate.  


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