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I bought an Emerald Tree Boa about 5-6 weeks ago and it was supposed to be eating quail chicks but it has refused food every time I have tried to feed it.  It has no feed response.  It is like as if I am trying to feed it a plastic bottle.  I have been taking care of snakes for over 15 years and have had problem feeders but I have never seen anything like this.  It refuses mice, rats, quail chicks, chicken chicks.  All prey was warmed under a heat lamp until almost hot.  It has many perches to choose from and a basking spot of 85 degrees.  I am at a total loss with this snake and have tried everything and just don't know what to do.  Should I try a live bird?


ANSWER: That would be my suggestion.  But, as I'm sure you know, keep an eye on things so the snake doesn't get chewed up by something.  Also, have you contacted the person you bought it from for suggestions?

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QUESTION: I have contacted him but to be honest he is of very little help.  I will try a live finch and if that does not work I guess it will go to the vet.


Sounds like a plan.  In the mean time, if the snake happens to defecate just take the poop to the vet for a fecal float test.  Anorexia is usually a symptom not a cause.  Not sure how big your snake is or how easy/inexpensive it is for you to get birds but maybe just try a live fuzzy rat first or a baby chicken if they are easier to obtain.


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