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Snakes/Rosy Boa VS (Kenyan) Sand Boa


I am wanting a snake ans i have narrowed the choices down to a Rosy Boa or a Kenyan Sand Boa.I was wanting you to help me decide on wick one to get.I want one that will be docile,friendly, and not nippy.I want the one that needs the least maintenance (like...heat lamp, humidifier,and pricy bedding).If there are any other snakes that fit this description please tell me; under 4 feet long,low maintenance,friendly,good with older kids/Teens,and will hardly ever bite.

Well neither a rosy or a sand are good options. A sand boa is a look only snake, they are a ground snake and do not like being held and they will usually bite if held longer than they want to be.

No snake needs lighting, just proper heat. And you can keep snakes on paper towels with zero issues. In fact, most snakes are kept on paper towels until 1 year of age or longer.

I would suggest a ball python,male, as they stay smaller and are pretty docile.

But you have yo keep in mind that it is not like a dog, they do not enjoy human attention. They just deal with you and sometimes they only want to deal with you for short periods of time.

So if you can't read the snake, you may get bit.

But I would really only suggest a ball python.

They are easy to handle, stay semi small and are more so for beginners.

I would not suggest a milk snake, kingmaker or a hog nose.As they all have their own issues and can be stressful if you don't know their quirks or how to work with them.

Milk snakes and king snakes musk. And are very tiny, most people lose them. They also get over 5 foot. They have a massive feeding response and will bite a lot.

Hog nose have a bluff strike.But it's enough to scare most people, and they are rear fang venomous. But it takes a big hog to actually nail and bite you. They can also be picky waters.

But oddly enough most stores push these snakes on people.  


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