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QUESTION: I am currently fostering a ball python and i have grown very fond of it and was thinking about getting a snake of my own.I am deciding about these three species of snakes; Ball Python,Ring Neck Snake,and a Corn Snake.I am wanting a snake that i can play with hold and will like to be held.Could you please tell me specifics on these snakes and which one you would recommend.Also,I was wondering if you have a another species that you would recommend.

ANSWER: Here's my "two cents:"  Ring Neck is out, they are far too difficult to feed in captivity.  Ball pythons are good but required slightly more care than a corn and have the name ball python BECAUSE they ball up when you hold them.  Corns are super easy to care for, handle well 99% of the time, live 15-20 years in captivity, and are much less sensitive to temperature fluctuations than balls.  Other breeds that might interest you: bull snakes, pine snakes, boa constrictors (if size doesn't bother you).  All are easy and hardy.

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QUESTION: I have done more research and narrowed it down to these three snakes;Rosy Boa,Kenyan Sand Boa and Garter Snake.I want the one that is the friendliest and the most tolerant of people.

ANSWER: okay, garter snakes are typically not friendly so you can eliminate those. Sand boas spend most of their time underneath the sand so if you want to see it that is probably not a good choice. Though they are usually very tame. I do not have any personal experience with rosy Boas but I have heard that they make good pets. They can be somewhat difficult to find.what changed your mind about corn snakes?

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QUESTION: I read that a corn snake can be very active and you have to keep an eye out for them while you are holding them because they can get away from you.  I prefer a snake that will loved to be handled,(if there is such a thing,affectionate) and friendly.Using that criteria could you suggest a snake that would be best for me.

Affection is a human term we sometimes apply to animals.  Reptiles simply do not have the mental capacity for it.  Dogs and cats sure.  If you are looking for affection I'm not sure any reptile will fill the bill.  TOLERATION of handling, and perhaps complacency are attainable but your snake is NEVER going to be as happy to see you as your Golden Retriever... Having reread all your posts, if the ball python you're currently fostering fits the bill get one of those!


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