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Snakes/Concerned for health of garder snake in my yard


QUESTION: I have a video too. This 18 inch garder is writhing and turning over and opening and closing mouth and not at all concerned when I accidentally walked right up on it. I see no injury. Not sure if it just ate although behavior has been happening at least 45 min that I know of or if maybe she is birthing although I see nothing starting to emerge or if s/he is dying in which case I could help as this is long and agonizing.  This is happening right now at 9:45am on Tuesday morning. S/he is in the shade and we did have a nasty storm last night with hail and lots of rain. Just random info in hopes  it will help determine what is happening.

ANSWER: It could have been a number of things, it could have swallowed something that is lodged painfully.. could have broken spinal bones, really no one can say. Sorry the delay was so long, hopefully it was all figured out.

But it's best to just leave them be, unless it's a obvious "it won't recover from this" wound.

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QUESTION: I greatly appreciate your response although I was hoping it was not going to confirm the critter was suffering.  Whatever it was, when I went back out 30 min or so later it was gone from the spot.  So in my mind it resolved and peacefully slithered off into the garden.  Thank you for putting your knowledge and expertise out there

I'm sure it did. They can do some weird things. You have no idea how many times I have had people call saying they found a dead "rattlesnake" and I get there and it's a hognose that was just playing dead.

Or I have had a boa break ribs and thrash around like she was possesed with a demon. I'm sure he is doing fine, but it's great that you were concerned!  


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