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Hi I have had my baby for over 15 years name is peek-aboo the last 3 months there has be a deterioration on my snake will not eat has trouble shedding something seems wrong with the mouth I can not afford to take to a vet I have done everything on shedding problems and so on I have called and asked many people for help but nothing seems to work I am going to get a pinky mouse and hope it will eat but I am afraid my snake is dying please help me!!!!!!!

Honestly there is nothing that can be done unless a vet sees him. But he is up in age so yes he could be passing due to old age.

If his mouth seems messed up it could be mouth rot, which a vet would have to diagnose and treat. I would not bother him to much with food. If he does not show interest, let him be. And do not try to force feed. As many people do this improperly ( which is very easy to do) and they actually kill the snake.

Sorry to say, but no one can give you treatment options or medication. You need blood work and a exam for that.  


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