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Is there such a thing that really works?  I see various brands and home remedies but my reading online suggests that nothing is effective.  So thought I'd ask someone who knows reptiles, not someone who wants to sell something.

Actually, my real interest is something to repel anole lizards, not snakes.  But the issue seems the same--products claiming to be repellents but without validity.  And I've tried such things as onions and garlic but they don't work either.

Honestly no, most things are harmful to animals and plants even though they state they are safe. And one rain and it's washed away.

There really is no way to repel reptiles. You can try to make the yard less appealing to them, but if there is a home and food they will remain there.


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Amber Barrett


I can answer any and all questions about snakes, whether its how to pick the right snake for your needs and wants, eating and temperature issues, health problems ( I can not give a diagnosis or make up for vetrinary treatment but can give options on what to do). I can also answer any questions on breeding snakes, what it entitles, what you can expect, I know quite a bit about any products for snakes and their husbandry.


I currently keep over 150 snakes, I keep everything from ball pyhtons, to retics to green tree pythons. I have been around them my whole life due to a family interest in breeding them. I have researched, purchased, and delt with just about every snake, product and issue you can run into.

Although I do not have a degree in herpatology, I have been around snakes my whole life and through books, research and life I know alot about them.

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