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Our 3 year old corn pet snake is very active in her terrarium. what does it mean? she escaped for a month and we found her by pure chance. is she trying to escape again?

Forgive any off words, as I'm typing on my phone and it has a mind of its own..

First off, colubrids have very high metabolism, even though that usually decreases in age (especially after 1 year). Some people recommend feeding them 2 smaller meals a week, vs one large one.

As they have been known to eat themselves if they get to hungry, but don't freak out, it's very remote that this will happen ever to you, but it does and can happen.

If your temps in the tank are correct, plenty of fluffy ashen shavings to burrow in, then I would try feeding twice a week.

Give it a good month or two, if the snake is still trying to get out (and again, temps are correct, plenty of clean water, etc) then it may very well know that is the way out.

Especially if it previously escaped.We have a 12 foot Argentine boa female that is a brat, she would flex and break the glass on her enclosure.

So we moved her to one with plexiglass and she eventually started getting bad nose rub from trying to push the doors to get out.

Once out, she would always go curl up on top of one of the racks. It never failed. So I do believe if they have escaped before, they remember how they did it.

But usually it's a food or temp issue.  


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