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Hi, i am very worried becuae for the last week my baby has been very lethargic and weak to the point hes shaky just lifting his head. His coloring, lavender and yellow, has paled noticeably and his eyes are lighter. At first i though he was going to shed. And he did but that was a week or so ago and he hasnt chamged. He has been rubbing his face on his body or his watering rock after meals, and opems his mouth like he's  stestretching his jaw. Also about a month ago he bit my daughter, and that has never hhappened! Since ive had him (almost 4yrs) singce he was a tiny baby, hes never bit anyone. Im very worried. The pet  store i bought him at always looks after him if hes not doing to hot. So i brought him today. Yesterday  he gave me a near heart attack i went to pick him up and hes a very spirited guy, he just laid there. Even after i touched him. I thought he was dead. After i brought him today they said he might be dehydrated, so i soaked him and held him for a long time, then i fed him early, he eats every saturday. But he sat there. He had the mouse in his mouth for so long. He was just to weak to eat it normally. Then he  ery slowly went back to the side of the tank hes been laying at lately. Usually he burrows. But hes just been laying on top of his bedding. I need help plz i cant afford a vet and ii dont even think i have a reptile vet near me. Plz help us!!!

Sorry to say, but there really is no help that you can get via the web.

Generally when a snake becomes lethargic, it's Some thing serious, as they are hardy animals.

For starters, only a vet can tell you what is wrong with him. Anyone else is just Mali suggestions that likely have nothing to do with his issues.

You can try soaking him in clear Pedialyte. And I really would not feed him,nor would I mess with him. Keep it to a bare minimum, as you are just adding stress to him.

Try to keep him a bit warmer than usual. Has he pooped recently? Generally, implantation is a large cause for snakes to become lethargic.

Without taking him to a reptile vet, all you can do is provide him with heat, water and leave him alone.

Which I know is not much help, but without doing x rays, blood work, stool samples, etc... no one can know what is wrong with him. As his symptoms are vague and can mean numerous things.  


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