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Snakes/paint on a snake?


This might seem really silly, but me and my family want to have a mural of all out pets on the wall. We have a dog and a cat and we were just going to have them dip their paws in paint and run across a long paper. We also really wanted to include our snake as we love her very much but I am worried!
A dogs foot is a lot different obviously. With the snake the idea was that we would put paint  on her belly and have her slither across but I of course dont want to do anything to harm her.
do you think there us any way we could do this without it being harmful or should we just abandon the idea altogether?

I think that would be ok as long as it happened VERY quickly and then you immediately cleaned all the paint off the snake.  Obviously, a nontoxic type paint would need to be used.  AND avoid getting any paint near her head, lower 2/3's of the body only.  


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