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Snakes/will a pet python eat a pet rabbit?


I live in MA. I am associated with The House Rabbit Network.
We are a rabbit rescue organization, helping adopt bunnies to their forever homes. I have a potential adopter that owns a pet ball python.
Her words are:
"Our snake is a lovely ball python named Eponine. She is about 4 feet long, and is full grown so she won't get any larger. Her habitat is a 30 gallon reptile tank with a mesh screen on top, with 4 metal clips to secure it. We never let her roam free outside of her cage, and she's never escaped in the 4 years we've had her. We take her out to handle her and feed her of course (she eats frozen mice), but would never, ever, EVER let her around a bunny. Their enclosures would be in totally separate parts of the house as well."

If by chance the 2 pets ever met up, would that snake try to eat the bun?

How much can a snake smoosh down?

Can he fit himself through the holes of a cage?

I would appreciate some information about such a snake.

A 4 foot ball python is not going to eat a full grown rabbit.  At best a 4-footer can eat a large rat-but most won't preferring smaller prey.  4 feet is about full grown for males and 5-6 is about it for females.

Were the snake to encounter an animal that big it would probably live up to it's namesake and ball up to protect itself.  Honestly, the rabbit would be in more danger if the people had a dog or even a cat.  Even small snakes cannot get through the typical screen reptile tank cover.


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