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I have a baby corn snake in my vivarium. I have been using a Zoo Med UTH pad with a retrostat to keep the temp stable. The problem is, I can't gauge the temperature well enough. If I place a thermometer directly on the glass where the pad is heating, it reaches 90 degrees. Where a thermometer on top of the aspen above the heating pad reaches 80 degrees. I don't want to increase the temp, because then it might become too hot and burn the snake, as he is a burrower. Should I just leave this temperature gradient like this? Or is too cold still if the surface temp (the aspen layer, is only 80 degrees). I've thought about getting a heating lamp, but that would probably be over kill and would really heat up that side in combination with the heating pad (Plus, I've heard heating pads are better for digestion, as lamps don't really help as much).

I'm just trying my best, and I need some solid advice.

OK, honestly I'd say you're a bit hot.  Because if the aspen is at 80 and the glass under it is 90 then if he touches the glass he's getting AT LEAST 90 delivered to his skin.  Aim for about 85 at the glass AND make sure your pad is only under a 1/3 of the tank.  Don't bother with the lamps.


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