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Can 2 Desert Night Snakes co-exist in the same habitat? I have had 1 desert night snake in captivity for approximately 5 years and is doing extremely well. I just found another 1 and was wondering if they can be put in the same habitat. I had a custom tank built for the 1st one and it is plenty big enough for 2 as long as they don't eat each other. I believe the first 1 is a female as it's tail is a little shorter and the second 1 is lighter in color and a little smaller with a longer tail.

I always recommend separate caging for each animal.  Snakes are solitary species only coming together to mate.  However, if they are the same species AND roughly the same size you could try it.  Make SURE you separate to feed.  And, do be careful as this species is mildly venomous-though typically not harmful to humans.  


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