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So here's the deal, I'm a beginner women snowboarder and I have a couple months of boarding under my belt. I'm no where near good but I'm getting there. I have a GNU b nice btx board but I'm in need of some good bindings. I do like a slightly stiffer binding. I've had all sorts of suggestions. One was the gnu b free bindings, the union legacy, burton lexa, etc..... How do I decide? I also want a good binding that isn't Gona fall apart and will last a while. I also know nothing about the quick entry stuff and if it's good or bad. I've waited a while to get a good set of binding but I want some more input on what is really the good stuff and what is crap. If you have any suggestions I'd appreciate it a lot!

Hey Alana,

Many people will give you suggestions, but what's most important is the fit of your boot to the binding. Many companies make quality bindings and you will find those at a local snowboard shop along with educated workers that can tell you about the different options. Union and Burton both make quality product. The best suggestion I can give you is to check which bindings the major companies make that suit your riding style and check them out in a shop to see how they fit. Good snowboard shops will stand behind warranties and will not sell crap.

Hope this helps,


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