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Hi Mark, my boyfriend is a man united fan and as part of his birthday present Im hoping to get him the football programme for the game which happened on or around his birthday. However im having trouble finding any sites which lists all the matches and games played in a particular month or year as im completely clueless with all this!!

Could you help or give any advice where I could look or talk to? His birthday is 30th March 1984 so need to somehow find out which games were played in that month ideally and then see if I can find a programme for it.

Anything you can help me with will be highly appreciated : )

Many Thanks,



Manchester United played the following games around the time your boyfriend was born:

3 March 1984 - Aston Villa (Away) Won 3-0
7 March 1984 - Barcelona (Away) Lost 0-2
10 March 1984 - Leicester City (Home) Won 2-0
17 March 1984 - Arsenal (Home) Won 4-0
21 March 1984 - Barcelona (Home) Won 3-0
31 March 1984 - West Bromwich Albion (Away) Lost 0-2
7 April 1984 - Birmingham City (Home) Won 1-0

I would buy him all the home programmes on the list, the programmes from the away games won't have much Man Utd content.

J&J Football Programmes currently have them all in stock. Their web address is:

Go to the Man Utd page and look at '80's Homes'. You are looking for the '83-84' copy of the programme. The Barcelona programme will be listed under 'Europeans'

If you need any more help let me know.

Best wishes,

Mark Smith.

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