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  I watched a game last Sunday where the following occurred. All of team A's players were on Team B's side of the field (they needed a score fast) so no one was in defensive position. One of Team B's players kicked the ball all the way to Team A's side, around 30 feet from the goal. Another of Team B's players ran past all of Team A's players to reach the ball before them. This was called off sides. Was this a correct call, since all of Team As players were playing on the other side of the field? Thanks


It all depends on the timing.

If all of Team B were on team A's side of the field, it would depend on where the attacking player from Team A was AT THE MOMENT THE BALL WAS PLAYED.  If the attacking player were in his own side of the pitch, no off-side.  But if he stepped into Team B's side of the pitch BEFORE it was played by his teammate, then it would be off-side.

Hope you have had a great season.

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