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I have volunteered to teach an adult learn to play indoor soccer(Futsal) class. This is to start after Christmass. I little experiance playing, but through study and just being a good 'manager' I coached my daughters (12)team to two second place finishes.
I want to put an emphasis on having fun while getting fit. I believe ball skills are important but myself can barely do a keep up. Can you give me any suggestions? Also, the gym we have has a lot of big 'swiss exercise balls'. Would it be OK to start of using these to practice juggling and back and forth lobs, before moving on to actual soccer balls? Thanks!

Hello Bud,  Well done on your success so far..

In a small game (indoor), ball skills are most important, as other skills such as speed and strength are less so. I would say you want to concentrate on control, passing and being a good team. A good passing team will often beat a team who play like indiviuals.

Personally, I would start using soccer balls as soon as you can, the more your team play with the ball, the better their skills will get. You can look up some training you can do, with and without a ball on the internet. If your team are not experienced players, begin with some simple passing and control exercises. Even some kids drills are still excellent and fun ! you dont need to tell anyone they are designed for kids !

The above site has some great content you could use.

Hope thats answered your question, should you need more info please let me know.


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