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I would like to Know the Statistics for FIFA World Cup Finals played till date (Played Every four years) for the following mentioned below.

Which country has scored the maximum number of Goals difference against which country in the world cup final till date without the match going in extra time i.e. After 90 minutes of game.

Examples :

9-0 - Difference of 9 goals
7-2 - Difference of 5 goals
8-1 - Difference of 7 goals

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: Hello,  

I believe these are the records so far in World cup matches  :
Hungary (9) vs  South Korea (0), 1954;  
Yugoslavia (9) vs  Zaire (0), 1974;  
Hungary (10) vs  El Salvador (1), 1982.

Also,  Australia (31) vs  American Samoa (0) is the record for a world cup qualifying game.

I hope this answers your question. for more information go to this page :

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Thank you.

To confirm from your end,
Are there all World Cup final matches?.

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Prashant s akerkar

Hello,  yes there were all matches during a World Cup tournament.  

Perhaps I have mis-understood your original question, if you are looking the highest scoring FINAL, then there were the following results :

1958   Brazil    52 Sweden
1970   Brazil    41 Italy
1930   Uruguay 42 Argentina
1966   England 42 West Germany
1986   Argentina 32 West Germany
1998   France    30 Brazil

I Hope this answers your question?


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