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I thought I understood offsides until I was playing the video game FIFA 2014 and during the run of play, my player shot and hit the crossbar, and the ball bounced directly back to one of my other players in front of the goal. Only the goalkeeper was in front of him. As soon as my player touched the ball the game called offsides. I have watched quite a few games and don't recall offsides being called in this scenario. Was the game wrong?

From your description of the event, I would say that the game was wrong and it was NOT Offside.

However, another possibility is there.  If the player was taking a free kick, kicked the ball only to have it come back off of the crossbar, then it would be a double touch, resulting in an indirect free kick (same as an offside.  In every restart, the kicker may not kick the ball again until it has been touched by another player, and a violation of this would be an Indirect free kick.

Hope this helps, and I hope you have fun on the pitch.

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