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is it too late for me to start soccer in sophmore year? I want to play but i dont know if ill be able to because i dont know all of the skills needed to play. Ill be starting fresh. If im able to enter, can you tell be what to expect on the tryout?  And i have issues with my lungs and my feet. I have acute asthma and i have very flat feet. Is there something i can do about the asthma and flat feet? I already have those customized insoles that help your feet. I think their called orthopedics but im not sure. And will they fit in the cleets? I heard you have to have these shoes with spikes on them called cleets. Thanks so much

Hello Vanessa, I hope you are well?

Soccer is a great game that can be played at any age whether experienced or not.

First of all, I would seek medical advice from a doctor about your asthma before undertaking any physical exercise.

Should you get the all clear, the first step I would advise, would be to look up some simple drills that you can practise at home. Run a google search for:
'how to pass a soccer ball' or 'soccer training drills'.

here's a good site for passing:

You will need to look at these skills also:
Dribbling (running with the ball),
Tackling (taking the ball from an opponent), and
Shooting (how to score a goal).
By practising these skills you should be ok to deal with a try-out.

Finally you will need to know how to play (if you are unsure at present), again watch some soccer matches on TV or the internet, and try to learn the rules and tactics.

Soccer kit, comprises a team shirt, shorts and socks. A pair of shin guards are worn under the socks to protect the shin bone and soccer boots are worn on the feet. These can have 'studs' in the bottom to help prevent slipping on wet or muddy ground. Trainers (sneakers) may be more suitable for hard dry ground.

I hope this helps, but please let me know if you'd like more information.


Soccer (American), Football (European)

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