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Dear Andy

Do you feel there could be a variation in Cricket, Football and Hockey games if played with 12 or 10 players on both sides?


Hello Prashant,

I'm sorry but I don't fully understand what you are asking by a variation?

If you mean, would changing the number of players make the game better or worse, then I dont think there would be much difference. These games can all be played with different numbers but the scope of the game is usually changed to compensate this. For example, its common to play 5-a-side football, but on a pitch a quarter or half the usual size. The length of the game is also reduced.
Likewise in cricket, you can play a 6-a-side game, on a smaller ground, and the rules are changed so there are no extra deliveries for wides or no-balls instead the batting team score 2 runs.

These games of fewer team members are excellent for younger ages as the game is faster and you do not need a 'team' to play, you can organise a game like this between friends or in school.

For me, I like to play 'Kwik cricket' in the UK, which is 15-18 overs per team, there are no extra deliveries for wides or no-balls and therefore the game lasts 2-3 hours. I can fit this into my lifestyle instead of playing a league game which would be 40-50 overs and last all day.

One benefit of having extra players, for example to have 12 players in football, might be a good idea in hotter climates so the players are less exerted. The world cup will be played in Dubai in a few years and I think the games will have to stop for water breaks, as players will be too tired by the heat.
Perhaps by having a 12-a-side game, it would be easier ?

I hope this answers your question? If you want to ask another, or would like to clafiry please let me know.  

Best regards,


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