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Doug Patton wrote at 2013-02-15 17:53:19
Often overlooked, also by tennis-players and golfers obsessed with backswing, is 'follow-through' which gives both direction and top-whip to a ball already airborne as the last point of contact.

Some of the greatest ball-strikers had/have almost no backlift, but startling power and surprise from striking hard, clean and long through the ball.

Also for accuracy watch dart-players, one of the alltime greats 'the preying mantis' Crafty Cockney Eric Bristow almost pushed his darts into the board with his long follow through.

And, quote a great small backlift ace striker wee Kenny Dalgleish, "The more I practise the luckier I get."

Plus, ALWAYS when striking, eye-on-the-ball.

Good luck.  

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