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Steve wrote at 2015-04-18 08:59:06
A person with a genuine doctorate may put his degree after his name or place Dr. before his or her name, but not both.  To suggest that a person with a bachelor's degree in medicine can use the courtesy title of Dr, but someone who has actually earned the higher degree of PhD cannot, is wrong.

Social Etiquette and Good Manners

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Suzanne Zazulak Pedro


Main discourse in all aspects of social, corporate, international diplomacy and children's etiquette and protocol. Suzanne is certified in corporate and children's etiquette, as well as, certification in professional coaching for executive, leadership and personal achievement.


As a Behavior Shaping Specialist and Certified Protocol and Etiquette Consultant, Suzanne has pioneered the art of social finesse with valid psychological tenets to provide her clients with an unique approach to instruction in etiquette --Avant Garde Etiquette. Research data shows that 15% of employment and corporate success is due to intelligence or training,while the other 85% is dealing with people successfully. Conversley,the essence of dealing with people succssfully is through exceptional communication skills. Therefore, being adapt at non-verbal communication while practising the art of etiquette is rapid power-tool in establishing rapport and inducing compliance for success. Target Success Seminars include: The Psychology of the First Impression, Oculesics: Keep YOur Eyes on the Prize, Isopraxism: Mirroring for Love and Profit, Spatial Anchoring: The Psychology of Body Placement Disarming Your Opponent by his Handshake What Your Dining Manners Reveal about Your Partner's Personality

ISPEP International Society of Protocol and Etiquette Professionals IAPC International Association Professional Consultants IAC International Association of Coaches NWU National Writer's Union ABA American Bar Association Associate Member

Co-author of "Executive Etiquette Power" , "Incredible Business" and "The Power of Civility." Frequently quoted media expert for etiquette and behavior shaping. Also, monthly Etiquette Columnist for several publications, as well as with downloads for on-line journals.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Certified Corporate and Children's Etiquette and Protocol Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Certified Paralegal Graduate Studies in Forensics, law

Awards and Honors
Appointed as Chief Officer of Protocol for her town. Cambridge Who's Who Among Business Professionals, Experts & Entrepeneurs Lifetime Member USA Honor Society Selected in 2004, as Queen Omega XVIII for Mardi Gras.

Past/Present Clients
Since individual/corporate programs are designed for areas of deficiencies, their confidence is upheld in the stictest sense of confidentiality. She has formed a non-profit organization, BeePoised, Inc., to reach-out and teach the children and adults who are not at an advantage to learn life social skills such as dining manners and job interviewing techniques.

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