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Hello J. Remer

I went into a store just to pay a bill granted that i was dressed poorly because I was in a rush from home. I entered the store and the cashier extended her hand out to take my payment and I put the money in her hand. Well my change of 7 dollars she put on the counter 2 feet away from my extended hand. She made a rude comment when I asked to have the money put in my hand she refused so I asked for my money back and then she did the strangest thing she held the money up to the light for a 2nd time, so i retrieve my money and walked out of the store.

J. Remer.....your opinion
the customer has a right to be a participant in how his or her own transaction is to go and a simple request to have your change put in your hand is not asking to much...your thoughts

Dear jb,
I agree that the customer is always right, but customer service is not always up to snuff. My advice here is to let this go. It is impossible to know what the cashier's 'back story' is. She could have been having a bad day. We need to learn to be compassionate, especially to people who annoy us. They aren't doing it on purpose. We all have bad days. The next time you have one, remember back to this incident and see how unimportant it is in the big scheme.
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