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We visited our relatives 2 days before Christmas.  We brought presents for the kids and put them under their tree, becuase some of the kids were not present...upon leaving, they gave us a present and I opened it in front of them.  My husband thinks it was not the proper thing to do.  He said I should have taken it, brought it home, open it, and then send them a thank you note.  What is the proper etiquette?


Dear Houry,
   It was yours to do with as you wished once it was handed to you. It would have been
fine to have taken it home to unwrap or to do as you did.

   Some people like to have the gift opened and acknowledged right away. They spent time
and money getting something for you,it is natural to want to see your moment of discovery.

   The other side of the coin is to take it with you to open later as your husband wanted.
It is always okay to ask the gift giver when they prefer for you to open the present.

         Best regards,
         Amanda Gamble

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