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Lois Vacanti wrote at 2013-03-17 16:10:42
Susan & Nina:

I agree with you it's hurtful when a stepson or daughter treats their stepmom in this manner.  

One of my stepson's who I have been closer to then all the others, (I have 8 stepchildren) he and his wife had a new baby in recent years and I was very hurt when upon seeing him again recently, that I was referred to just by my first name.  I opened my home to this stepson in his teenage years, welcoming him to come and stay with us as I did his brothers and sisters whenever they wanted to, and it does make a stepmom feel slighted to be treated in this manner.  My own 2 children have yet to have children of their own so we all were very exited about this new stepgrandchild.  My daughter and I even shopped for the new baby in her first few years of life, enjoying it immensely, treating her like she was my own grandchild and my daughter's own niece. Needless to say we aren't so inclined to do that anymore.  My daughter was even shocked that her half brother couldn't have found it in his heart to do better then what he did.  

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