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Social Etiquette and Good Manners/"Hosted By" on Formal Dinner Pary Invitation


I am composing formal invitations for my mother's 70th birthday party, which will be a dinner at a nice restaurant with all of her close friends.  My brother and I will be hosting it (splitting the cost, as I am doing all of the planning and arrangements).  My brother recently got married and will be married less than a year when the party is held.  I am not married.  When writing "Hosted By" on the invitation, do I put just my name and his name, or do I also need to add my new sister-in-law's name?  My mother's friends have met my sister-in-law, however, they have not seen her often.  

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Sarah:  Thank you for your question.  And Happy 70th to your mother.  Please include your sister-in-laws name on the invitation.  Depending on if the invitations are casual or formal, below are the suggestions:

Ms. Sarah Jones & Mr. and Mrs.WIlliam Jones (His Full Name) is traditional/formal.
Sarah Jones & Bill and Mary Jones  (First Name) + (First Name) + (Surname) is casual/informal.

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