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Without asking permission, an adult step daughter announced she was bringing an adult girl friend who is bringing her Lab size dog. The visit is 2 nights. While I have no problem with my step daughters toy Yorkie, I do not like dogs or cats in my home. Step daughter knows this, but is still fretful about my decision to deny permission.  My question is:  What is the proper etiquette for visitors with pets?  (Step-daughter, girl friend and big dog will be staying with step-son)

Dear Mr. Giddens,
I am slightly confused by your question, so if I don't address your issue, please feel free to follow up. As far as visitors are concerned - no matter who they may be - your house is your castle and your rules are the ones to follow - plain and simple. What I don't understand is where your stepson fits into the equation. Your step daughter is leery of a confrontation with her friend  more than likely. She will have to deal with that by explaining what your house rules are. If they can't respect the rules, they can stay elsewhere. This does not have to become a big deal - just stick to the facts and keep the emotions out of it. I hope this helps.
Kindest regards,
Jay Remer

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