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15 years ago, a well-liked co-worker passed away and our small local business employees planted a tree and placed a plaque on the business property in his honor. Our business has been acquired and it is likely that the new business will sell our building and/or divide it up to lease. The tree and plaque are in an out-of-the-way location and the plaque will probably be overlooked. We are debating whether it would be appropriate to contact his wife to see if she would like to have the plaque for her garden. Some feel it should stay, others feel it should leave when we all leave. Any help you could provide for the proper etiquette in this scenario is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your question.  The memorial maker should stay with the tree unless the new owners will remove or destroy the tree.

I would share with the new owners the name and contact information of the employee's wife or some other representative of your company, should they need to be contacted in the future regarding the tree and/or have questions.

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