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I am 14 years old and male.Recently,my family and I went on a plane trip.This meant going through the T.S.A security and,of course,taking off our shoes.The T.S.A worker we were dealing with was a 40ish woman,and she was actually very friendly and cheerful as she was screening people.I was wearing a pair of jean shorts,a T-shirt and slip-on shoes without socks.At the line my family and I were going through,everyone else was wearing socks but me.As I got done my security check,the lady  smirks at me and says:"Have a nice trip,Mr Barefoot!"I wasn't at all offended;in fact,I thought her comment was funny.I smiled and flashed my feet at her,and she laughed as I walked away.My Mom was right behind me and overheard her comment.She thought that what the lady said was inappropriate and wanted to complain to her supervisor.Of course,I stopped her.I love my Mom,but am I right in thinking that she took the situation the wrong way?Its obvious that the T.S.A screener was only kidding with me!

Dear David,

Your Mom loves you and is very protective. However, I believe from how you described the situation, that she should have let the TSA agent's comment go as a feeble attempt to be friendly towards you. If you were not offended, then she shouldn't have worried about it further.
I think there are more important things to worry about when traveling.

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