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after 10 yrs of abuse and addiction I left my partner. he was never physical around my children luckily and I never let on about it. It was so crazy that he was breaking into our house to eat our food, shower, and steal. I had a 7 year relationship with another man after this man.
I briefly reunited with the abuser after my mother died, but it was the same situation just quicker this time. I broke it off again.
Now I have a son with another man and we plan on marrying soon.
The problem is my exes girlfriend of 5 years has friended my son (age 25) on facebook. It seemed innocent enough so although I didn't like it I didnt say a whole lot. She commented on some convos between my son and I and I didn't like that. I mentioned it to my daughter who contacted this woman through facebook and told her it was not appropriate for her to contact my son. The lady then blocked my daughter and I.
The problem with this is that I don't think the intentions are good with this man. he never liked my son before while growing up and now that my son is successful he want so to befriend him through his girlfriend? My children are their own people but, I made the mistake of trying to insist to my son that this friendship was a bad idea and he refused the notion. My son has a terrible relationship with his biological father and I believe is searching for a father figure but this is the wrong man! My son and daughter are no longer FB friends and they no longer speak to each other. I expect no less when this man comes into our lives.
What do I do now?

Having a son about the same age as yours, I understand your desire to protect and give advice.  However our boys are adults thus they are free and able to make their own choices, whether we agree or disagree with those choices. Just love and support your son.  That is all we as moms can do.

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