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I purchased a birthday gift for my neighbor because she dropped some pretty strong hints about her upcoming birthday & because she had given me a gift on my birthday. For my birthday she presented me with a nice bottle of wine & a half empty bottle of body lotion then told me I owed her 15.00 for the lotion. My husband & I had a prior engagement on her actual birthday so when she dropped over the other day (2 weeks before her birthday) I gave her the wrapped gift & card I had purchased for her.she refused to even touch the gift or card saying " today is not my birthday I will return on my birthday & you will give me a gift then" then she got up & left. I am confused & very hurt. Please advise. Thank you.

Some people are like that, they won't open a gift early for whatever insane reason they have. My mother does this and I could CHOKE her for it because I live in Illinois and she's in Florida so I don't get to see her open it.  You've done nothing wrong and from your description, she's probably a borderline mental case.  Best suggestion, Move.  Quickly.  People don't get LESS crazy as time goes by LOL but seriously, don't let it bother you. You have done nothing wrong and I would think you would be perfectly within your rights to start avoiding this woman.  Who in the HELL gives someone a half bottle of lotion and then wants $15 for it?? Leave the gift on her doorstep on her birthday and then you can avoid seeing her at all. Be nice, you never know when they might snap and go postal!

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