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my co-worker does this every 15 seconds or so. i'm pretty sure it is intentional because a) she doesn't do it in meetings or when she's very busy or when people stop by for a conversation b) the sound is very fake (ahh-humm!).

i have always thought this is considered rude behavior, just as talking loudly in a shared work environment would be rude. am i wrong?

also, even if she has a health issue causing this (which i doubt is the case), isn't it incumbent on her to excuse herself and do this in the ladies room, or get medicine or something?

I agree with your opinion in this matter on all counts. Whether it is intentional or not, it is distracting, and as such, is rude. Someone should speak to her in private about this, perhaps her boss, perhaps a close associate. Often times, a simple chat can change peoples' perspectives. I hope this helps.

Social Etiquette and Good Manners

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