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Dear Ms. Hoffman,

Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year ma'am. I may be attending a dinner next week for the state paralegal association in which personal injury cases from a plaintiff's perspective will be the topic. The talk is led by an attorney who is an expert on the topic at her law firm. While I do not work in the legal field, I do have a certificate in paralegal studies that I completed after my bachelor's degree, and which is truly seeing no use. I do have a good job, but am wary of letting the "grass grow underneath my feet". In general, do you think it's a good idea to start attending such meetings and networking, at least to some extent? Also, since this is presumably a business dinner, could you suggest some appropriate attire? Thank you.

If you are wishing to obtain a position in law, by all means attend as many functions/dinners as possible.  Just rememeber that network is not about asking for a job but introducing yourself to like minded individuals to build your network.

Attire is business; dress for the job you want to obtain.  Jacket and slacks.

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