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Hello Mr. Remer:  I have been taking my pets to a very good veterinarian for several years.  She is retiring next year, and she recently hired a new veterinarian.

I looked up the name of this new vet online, only because I wanted to know what his previous experience was.  I found many disturbing things about him on his online sites -- very distasteful videos, saying extremely objectionable and vulgar comments about certain religions, posting pictures of people making obscene gestures, etc.

Am I wrong not to trust this person for the care of my pets? When I call the office, the staff sometimes offers an appointment with the new vet.  How do I politely respond to indicate that I only want to see my regular vet. Is it okay to say, "I *prefer* to see Dr.___."  Thanks.

Dear Alicia,
You have every right to use whichever vet you want. I am a dog fancier and have been most of my life. I would no more entrust an animal into the care of a vet without interviewing him or her extensively and getting references than fly to another universe. Your pets are your family. They are your responsibility. You must weigh and make each and every decision with care. I hope this helps.
My best,

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