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Hi! I hope you could kindly enlighten me on serving etiquette. I have helpers at home (maids) and they are the ones who place and remove the serving dishes from the dining table. I just wanted to know if it's alright for them to place the trays on the table before they put/remove the serving dishes? Sometimes the platter requires two hands, especially if it's big or heavy. This situation is not in a formal setting though, it's pretty informal and casual.

Just wondering if this is acceptable for them to do because sometimes we have guests over and we just want to entertain properly. Thanks so much!

Dear CRS:

Your helpers should not be placing the serving trays on the table while guests are present.   Should the platter be heavy, one can place on a wheeled cart or on a side table or sideboard.  Another idea is for one to hold while the other helper loads the tray lightly.  These suggestion are for casual and formal dining.

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