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When looking through various things I had posted on Facebook, (for example, sharing different links,) I noticed that some were visible to "friends of friends" and others were visible to "your friends of friends."  Can you tell me what the difference is, and how I managed to set up each one?



Friends - Only people who are friends with you will see your post.
Friends of Friends - This means that every person who is a friend of one of your friends can see your post. That means if you have 100 friends, and each of those has 100 friends, 10,000 people have a chance of seeing your post. Best only to use this option if the information isn't too personal and you don't mind who sees it.

Click the "cog" at the top right of your Facebook screen and click "Privacy Settings" down the bottom. In this section you can decide who has seen your past posts and who will see future ones.

You can also change who sees the post every time you post using the drop down menu at the right.


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Facebook visibility
Facebook visibility  
QUESTION: Hi, thanks for your response.  However, the question was about the difference between "friends of friends" and "YOUR friends of friends," both of which show up on different posts..  

A "cog" symbol shows when it's "friends of friends" and a symbol of a person with someone on either side shows when it's "YOUR friends of friends."

Any idea of the difference?


If it's only on your posts, I'd say it's a case where you'd tagged another person and it's enlarging your privacy settings to include theirs as well.


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QUESTION: Hi.  It's on my posts and links I share (as shown in the photo), but I haven't tagged anyone..

Hi Ed,

The only other reason I can think of is that the "cog" usually means you've customised the privacy settings - usually by selecting to show it to certain lists, or stop certain people seeing it.

It may just be the same thing with Facebook putting "Your" in front of normal privacy settings and nothing in front of customised privacy settings.


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