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QUESTION: I have a Facebook business page and a Facebook personal page. When I post on my business page it automatically posts on my personal page. Does that mean the post also is seen by all my personal page friends, or am I the only one who can see it there? Thanks.

ANSWER: Hi Wayne,

Are you posting "as the page" or "as yourself"? You can check this in the blue tab (and change it) at the top of your page.

Profiles and pages, although connected through your account, should not interconnect in any way - in fact unless you tell people, no one will know you own the page.


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QUESTION: I'm posting as the page. If I post on the page, and want my personal friends to see it, then I must post separately on my personal page, correct?

Hi Wayne,

Yes. Think of the page and your personal profile as two completely separate entities. I'll try and explain this as simply as possible - takes a bit of practice to get your head around, weird Facebook logic.

If you post to the page as [Personal Name]
-Then it will simply post to the wall of the page, not as a status.
-People who are FRIENDS with [Personal Name] AND like the page will see in their newsfeed that you posted to the page (have to fulfill both criteria to see it.)
-If you comment ON the wall post you just made, then all friends can see it in their news feed.

If you post to the page as [Page Name]
-It will appear as a status update.
-It will be seen on the newsfeed of any friends who like the page.
-If you like the page, then that status update will also appear in your [Personal name] newsfeed.
-There should be no other seen connection between what [Personal name] and [Page name] does.

Hope that makes sense?


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