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I understand that facebook does not allow a user to have 2 personal accounts. Can I have one activated account and another one that is de-activated?

ANSWER: Hi Hashem,

First off may I ask why would you want to have to personal accounts ? My best advice is to have one personal account & then a page or multiple pages (no limitation on pages or people following your page)Here you can showcase different elements about yourself or interests.

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QUESTION: I don't want to have a facebook account because it consumes a lot of time. however, sometimes I need to contact some people and I can't find any way to contact them except thru facebook (thought they are not friends on fb). so if I have one activated account which has no friends at all, I can use it to contact those people and the de-activated one would be the one I previously used and have my friends  there.
alternatively, I can just unblock all my friends on the old account and just use it to contact anybody I need to contact without people seeing my wall or without me being able to see their walls. would that work?

Hi Hashem,

I personally think the best way to handle this is from a personal perspective is to have a dedicated page that you share only with your friends. They can message you directly . And because you are the admin of the page only your friends will know who admin the page. You then still stay within Facebook's guidelines which says your may only have one personal or business profile. But an unlimited amount of pages.

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