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QUESTION: hello sir , firstly I have some questions regarding face book noticed that I have two account profiles on face book

1- how can I gather contact on both account to be one account , is that available if yes , how can I do that ?

2- if I want to convert my profile to page , does I ll keep my contacts friends or they ll be fade ?

3- whats the pros and cons for converting my account to page ?

4- if I decide to convert my profile to page , can I send a message to all my friend list one time , to inform them that my profile converted to page and give them other contacts to contact me ?

5- can I join a group on face even I have a face book page not profile , if yes does this group ll appear on my page  ?

6- sir I want privacy , so I think about changing my account , I want expose all my news or opinion also videos also pics (I m an artist) and people just comment only or like , I didnt want to some one put something or access my account follow , comment , poke , put his news and tagging and this shitty  crowdy I hate on face book I dont want to know anything about my friends , I want just share what I want to share and be the administrator whether share to some persons or all person ?

7- when my birthday upcoming , some friends get a notification and send me a comment , does this option ll be available when I convert my profile to page ?

8- will the chatting or messaging option ll be available when I convert my account to page ?

last thing

about linkdt

1- how can I prevent someone of my friend list to access my account and check my contacts , my contact is related to my work  and I didnt want to some intrusive s to check my contact , is that option exist , if yes , how can I adjust it ?

thanks and best regards

ANSWER: Hello, I'll try to answer as best as I can.

1 - Yes, you have to contact Facebook directly for this.

2 - You cannot convert a profile into a page, you will have to create a page

3 - Refer to #2

4 - Refer to #2

5 - No, pages cannot join groups

6 - I don't understand what you're asking here.

7 - Pages do not have birthdays.

8 - Pages cannot access chat, but there is a message option.


1 - You can adjust your privacy settings for this. If the person is your connection, you can delete and block them.

I hope I answered your questions to your satisfaction.

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QUESTION: regarding to point no. 4 you had answered , please check the following link and you ll find that there is an availability for converting account to page

please comment

thanks and best regards


Facebook would be the best place to start with doing work on their platform; they have all the information and would be able to help you in ways I cannot, since I do not work for Facebook.

It seems you're off to a good start, since you were able to find the answers to the questions you asked me on a Facebook FAQ page.

Good luck.  

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