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So I was on someone's twitter page the other day. I have a bad relationship with them so I didn't mean to follow them but I accidentally hit follow. In probaby no more than a second, I hit unfollow, hoping they wouldn't get a notification. My question is, would the notification disappear on their end and/or not appear at all? I understand that there's still the possibility of them getting an email, but I'm just curious about their actual twitter notifications. It hit unfollow literally a second after I hit follow (at most).

Thank you!

I am really not certain. If an email was sent,  then a notification should have been sent also, since they both work hand in hand. This is a question that should be forwarded to a twitter support representative,  since they would know how their service works, better than anyone.

Personally though, I get notifications when someone follows me, and when I check I notice that they are not following. So I don't know if it's the same in this case.  

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