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1. When did social media boom?
2. Approximately, how many users (of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) are there in the World Wide Web?
3. How did people rely on social media as a tool for communication and help?
4. Why do 'netizens' opt to upload, post photos, statuses, tweets and the like whenever they can?
5. In terms of accuracy, how accurate are online information?
6. In this context, how reliable are social media content?
7. Social Media is prevalent these days, how dominant is it in the society?

1. Social media boomed back in the days of MySpace, but it depends on what exactly you're looking for. When Facebook unleashed Pages and Ads, it hit businesses as a "new technology/media" to reach a potential consumer base. Facebook was a game changer, but social media has been there as long as the internet has been.

2. I won't know that. You will have to contact them individually to find out.

3. It's a business presence. Wherever you find a business presence, you will find people gravitate to it for help also.

4. Personal preferences. In terms of exactly why, people have different motives. Some are attention seekers, some are lonely, some prefer a virtual life. You'll need to ask them that directly.

5. Again, a vague question. I cannot tell you how accurate in a percentage, since there are varying amounts of information in different places.

6. Content via social media is as reliable as its source.

7. It depends on the society. First world countries would be different from third world. Some media companies broadcast purely online, whereas some use it as an advertising portal. Every sector, society and community is different.

I believe you need to sit down and focus your questions on a more specific area or sector. Globally though, you won't be able to get the answers you're looking for with these questions. Drill them down a bit and come back at me. Focus on what you really want to know.


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